Photography Basics

Today what I did was basic photography with Extreme Long, Long, Medium, Close up, and Extreme close up. The first image is an extreme long. You can see much detail but only just the subject mainly and it’s colors. The second picture is a long and in that photo you can only really still see just the subject only with minor detail. Next picture is a medium shot and in that picture the detail starts to stand out a lot more and we can start to se the branches and more texture on the tree. Next photo is a close up photo and this is where we can start to see everything in detail and everything starts to look more clear and better. Lastly, the last photo is an Extreme Close up and here we can see every little detail in the leaves and the true way the leaf looks. It also cool how every photo can make you feel different and see in different ways.A6D2C42D-1E7F-4BE3-A4A0-98CDDF45B28C26435E8F-2CF0-4DA2-A18D-0CA3624F9E5E6D8024CB-5FFB-47A7-B4CB-876BC15056A8D960643E-23E9-4E5B-AE2A-7F0B55F30EDCD5FB93EA-4131-4DBA-96E0-DD2484A1ABE0


2nd Multiplicity Picture

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 1.40.55 PM.png

In this small project I made another picture of clones in different positions. To start off I loaded all of the images into a stack so i could easily get them in order. Next, I gave each image a thumbnail and edited on the thumbnail of each photo. I made sure my foreground color was black and my background color was white and I had a soft round brush for erasing. On the blank thumbnail I erased a character and its shadow and inverse the image with “command, I” and that brought the other picture into frame to make it as if the character was cloned. I then did this to all of the images and then loaded the image up as a .jpg.

Multiplicity Picture

Guerra multiplicity - 2

In this project I made five clones of myself into one image of me at the skatepark doing a flip and my clones watching. To make this I started with a blank canvas of 10 by 8 inches and brought in all my photos as a TIFF file and stacked. I then went ahead and made a new mask thumbnail for each layer and edited on the blank thumbnails. I made sure first that I had my foreground color black and my background color white and made sure I had a soft round brush. I then on the white thumbnail erased myself completely and my shadow then hit Control I and brought the next photo in to combine the two. Then I did this with all of the images which give a final product of an illusion of five clones of myself.

South Park Character Update 2

south park character ca

So far on my character I’ve gotten him set up into Character Animator and got him to blink, speak, move his arms, and move his eyebrows. I’ve gotten to be able to set a pose for him and pin him to the ground so he doesn’t move. I also made it to where you can move his arms by using numbers as triggers.

South Park Character Update 1

South Park Character progress

Ever since I finished my original south park character I’ve been getting it set up so its ready to go into Character Animator. Since the original character, I’ve added a bunch of different mouths to signify the sounds of letters and sounds and I’ve added a bunch of different arm positions so the arms will be able to move around. Following that I’ve also made the character be able to blink when I do.

My South Park Character


This is the South park character I made of myself. This was a pretty fun project and it also wasn’t all that hard to make. First I started with the head, I created a circle with the ellipse tool and also did the same thing with the hands, added an inner border with a brownish color and added my skin tone to fill the circles. Next I added the Gucci shoes, I first made the shape of the shoes using the pen tool and filled it white. I then added four green squares and two red squared to the shoes using the pen tool with a fill and then put the words Gucci on both ends of the shoe. Next I made the pants, I traced around the feet, hands, waist, and made a curve on the sides to give a little more leg look. I made the outline of the pants using the pen tool and a black fill. Next, I made grey lines and outlines to signify the Waistband, Pockets, Zipper, and Bottom fold of the pants. I then, with the pen tool and a fill of white made the Adidas logo and typed Adidas on the bottom of the logo. Next, I made the Hollister logo long-sleeve shirt. I used the pen tool to make the curves and outline shape of the shirt and made a fill of white. I then made a navy blue box for the center of the shirt and typed the Hollister logo into the shirt. Next, I made the eyes using the ellipse tool to make two white ovals for the eyes and two small black circles for the pupils and added a small black line to indicate the separation of the eyes. I made the mouth to look like with was happy in a way by making it at an angle. I added teeth for more detail of the mouth. I then made a white visor using the pen tool for the head with a Nike logo on it in black. Next, I made the hair using the pen tool and made it a dirty blonde color and I added some lines in the hair to give it more of that texture look. Lastly, I made brown eyebrows using the pen tool to make my character look happy. That is how I put my very own South Park Character together.

Ninja Gang


In this project I made four angry ninjas. These ninjas are made using different kinds of shapes and putting them together with different colors to make ninjas. First I made the head of the ninja, I took a big circle and added a border to it making them black and grey. Next I made a half circle shape and added 3 borders to it to make it look more bubbly. I then added black circles for eyes and curved rectangles for eyebrows. I then made a rectangle for the body and made more curved rectangles for the arms and legs and put them together then I added a border to everything. Next I copied and pasted the ninja four times and rearranged the legs and arms a bit. Lastly I made a nun chuck with two brown rectangles and five circles that are grey with a black border and put it in the top left ninjas hand. Then I made a ninja star by combining two stars and making them grey and putting it in the top right ninjas hand. I made a staff making a rectangle and coloring it brown with a darker brown border and put it in the bottom right ninjas hand. Lastly I made two knives using a brown rectangle, a grey rectangle with a slightly lighter border and did the same for the blade but made them into two colors. I copied them and placed them both into the bottom left ninjas hands.

Hippo Sign

Hippo Sign Done

In this project I made a sign with hippo on top of it. I made this design through a series of shapes and using the pen tool to shape the shapes. First off I created an oval and copied it. I then took the first oval and stretched it out with the direct selection tool and colored it light blue so it’s like a light blue cone. I the took the second oval and placed it on top with a dark blue color and the I sent the cone shape to the back and grouped them. Next, I made the ears with the same oval cone technique. I made the oval and made it light blue then copied it and shrunk it and made the fill dark blue then I sent the first cone to the back. I grouped those and copied it and put them behind the head. Next, I made 2 small black circles for the eyes and 2 bigger black circles for the nostrils. I then created 2 trapezoids for the teeth and made them white and made everything a group. Next I copied the entire head and made a grey version and sent it to the back for a grey border. Next, I made the arms with the pen tool and added circles with dark blue filling to the end and cut the ends off. Lastly, I made a big yellow sign with a black stroke and spelled Hippo! with a bit of text variation.