Photography Basics

Today what I did was basic photography with Extreme Long, Long, Medium, Close up, and Extreme close up. The first image is an extreme long. You can see much detail but only just the subject mainly and it’s colors. The second picture is a long and in that photo you can only really still see just the subject only with minor detail. Next picture is a medium shot and in that picture the detail starts to stand out a lot more and we can start to se the branches and more texture on the tree. Next photo is a close up photo and this is where we can start to see everything in detail and everything starts to look more clear and better. Lastly, the last photo is an Extreme Close up and here we can see every little detail in the leaves and the true way the leaf looks. It also cool how every photo can make you feel different and see in different ways.A6D2C42D-1E7F-4BE3-A4A0-98CDDF45B28C26435E8F-2CF0-4DA2-A18D-0CA3624F9E5E6D8024CB-5FFB-47A7-B4CB-876BC15056A8D960643E-23E9-4E5B-AE2A-7F0B55F30EDCD5FB93EA-4131-4DBA-96E0-DD2484A1ABE0


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